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Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand


I live in Australia with my two beautiful daughters but still try to find as much time as possible to write or do art. I only discovered fanfiction a short while ago but I am already quite addicted to the good stuff :P

Dean Winchester/Buffy Summers, Alec McDowell/Max Guevara and Tristan DuGrey/Rory Gilmore are the main focus of most of my work, either writing, art or vid, but I do venture often outside the box for requests or challenges. I have also developed a love for Zane Donovan/Jo Lupo, Sam Winchester/Dawn Summers, Clark Kent/Lois Lane and Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars. My fandoms are a bit more extensive than that so just ask or check out my interests below.

I don’t tend to add people as friends unless I know them as all but a couple of my posts are open. So if you think we have a lot in common and would get on well or if we know each other through a comm, then drop me a line. Otherwise, feel free to add me to keep an eye on my work and don’t feel upset if I don’t add you back.

I am also over 18, for those that are interested :P

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alec/max, alice, anne of green gables, art, arthur/morgana, avatar: the last airbender, battlestar galactica, becker/jess, ben/leslie, blade: trinity, bleach, bon jovi, branson/sybil, buffy the vampire slayer, caprica, captain planet, castle, castle/beckett, chad/sonny, christian, clark/lois, clois, connor/abby, cross/cassie, crossing jordan, csi miami, damon/elena, darcy/elizabeth, dark angel, daughtry, davis/chloe, dean/buffy, dean/lara, doctor who, domyouji/makino, downton abbey, draco/hermione, dream high, dyson/bo, eureka, fanfiction, firefly, fringe, gilmore girls, glee, graham/emma, grant/rizzoli, guy sebastian, hana yori dango, hatter/alice, ichigo/rukia, jack/allison, jack/anne, jack/emily, jack/sam, jack/tru, jake/emily, jarod/miss parker, jars of clay, jericho, ji heon/eun seol, jin guk/hye mi, john farnham, john/cameron, kim possible, king/abigail, knight rider, lee/kara, legend of the seeker, logan/veronica, lost girl, love, mal/inara, malec, matthew/mary, merlin, michael/nikita, mick/beth, mike/sarah, modern family, moonlight, needful things, new girl, nick/jess, nickelback, nikita, nine/rose, once upon a time, orianthi, ouran hs host club, parks and recreation, pete/myka, peter/olivia, photoshop, plumb, pride & prejudice, primeval, prince james/snow white, profiler, protect the boss, rachel morgan, rescue: special ops, resident evil, revenge, richard/kahlan, rizzoli & isles, robin hood, robin/marian, ron/kim, ryan/natalia, sam/dawn, savage garden, saving jane, sea patrol, she spies, sherlock, simon/kaylee, sliders, smallville, sonny with a chance, sony vegas, stargate: sg-1, supernatural, t:scc, tamaki/haruhi, ten/rose, terence/tinker bell, the great gatsby, the hollows, the pretender, the vampire diaries, theory of a deadman, third day, thirsty merc, three days grace, tin man, trent/rachel, tristan/rory, trory, tru calling, tyler/caroline, veronica mars, vids, warehouse 13, wash/zoe, wheeler/linka, woody/jordan, zane/jo, zutara